Saturday, March 26, 2011


Wow, it has certainly been a memorable week for our family. I became an aunty again on Thursday. My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy:-) We are all very excited about his arrival - he was two and a half weeks early, but he's a big, strong, healthy boy. This does mean that the pressure is now on to get the blanket I showed you a couple of posts ago, finished. I'm 3/4 way done with it, so hopefully it will not take me too much longer. I have to just say, I love being an aunty:-)

I have 2 more pincushions to share with you today ... I really enjoy making these - to be honest, they're a little addictive!!! Hmm ... Pincushions Anonymous .... I may need it one day:-)

This is an Easter/Spring themed one. It's pink and polka dotted .... what's not to love about it:-)

I love gnomes. My Valentines date with my hubby this year was to go and see Gnomeo and Juliet (He knows me so well)!!! It was such a pretty movie, and the music was great. I couldn't resist making a Gnomeo pincushion - this one was given away, but I did snap up more of these gnomes (Joann had them on clearance), so there will be more gnome pincushions for sure.

Must dash ... there's a baby boy patiently waiting for his blanket!!!


  1. Good golly!! Those are the two cutest pincushions I have ever seen! I bet you have a wonderful time making them. Now, hurry, go hold that new nephew and give him lots of kisses!
    (I am very impatiently waiting for our new grandaughter who is expected any day now. Can't wait to hold her!)

  2. oh my, those pin cushions are awesome! I wish we had a Joanns! I need some of those cute gnomes!!! Congrats on that new nephew of yours!

  3. okay, my secret word for my last post was

    TUSHISTA......what is that ! hahahaha

  4. Your pincushions are so adorable! I must say I'm partial to the gnome pincushion. I've fallen in love with gnomes this year and loved going to see Gnomeo and Juliet. I'm going to have to go look at JoAnn's for some of those little gnomes.

  5. I just love those pin cushions!! Very nice!

  6. I was the recipient of a rooster pin cushion you made and I LOVE it!!! would you please do a tutorial for me??? pretty please with sugar on top!? I would love to learn how to make them.

  7. Ah Stacey - that's so kind of you to say:-) The next one I make, I'll take pictures and do a tutorial.
    Have a lovely day