Friday, March 18, 2011


We owned our own prickly little hedgehog a couple of years ago. Mr Prickles was a bundle of cuteness - he had the sweetest little face I'd ever seen. I have had a long standing fascination with hedgehogs .... they amaze me.

Our YOE 2 theme for March was hedgehogs (imagine my sqeal of delight when I heard that!!!). This was my creation. She is a little amigurumi hedgehog. I'd been wanting to make her for a while, but there was something about making the prickles, that scared me a little. However, this was the perfect time to give it a try (I did have a Plan B, had she been a disaster). The prickles weren't too difficult to do after all. They took me a little while to do, but the result was so worth the time.
Her little face lookes just like Mr Prickles did ... too adorable for words!!!
She has a mummy, that is a little bigger than her - I'm definately going to give her a try when I have a little spare time.

For those who may be interested in where I found the pattern ..... I got it out of the book by Ana Paula Rimoli, called Amigurumi World. I have made lots of things out of this book, as well as her second book, Amigurumi Two. I love her books ... so easy to read and understand, which is great for a novice like me:-)

I'll leave you now with this little bundle of cuteness ... I hope all of you have a lovely weekend.


  1. She is a bundle of cuteness! So sweet! I love hedgehogs too and have considered one as a pet for my daughter but wonder about the care , cuddlability (is that a word) and the smell?

  2. oh how cute! I hope you'll post her to the YOE others in the group can see :-)

  3. Oh my! So stinking cute! I love Ana Paula's designs and have crocheted a couple of them myself. They are just adorable. Have you made her gnome?
    My daughter loved hedgehogs when she was little and was even one for Halloween one year. Going to have to make her one of these soon!