Saturday, March 5, 2011


I like to try and come up with different ways of presenting things.
How often do we get asked to share our recipes (a lot, if you love taking part in swaps:-). So for my latest swap, I put on my thinking cap, and this is what I came up with - pretty and practical.

I printed the recipe onto printable fabric. I then did a little log cabin type thing around the edges .... please excuse my technical term - It's the first time I've done this !!!I used some themed fabric for the backing, and sandwiched 2 layers of batting between the fabrics. A little bias tape around the edges, and there you have it - a hot pad with the added bonus of a tried and trusted family recipe:-)

They didn't take me long to make, and they cost me nothing extra, as everything I used to make them came from leftovers I had in my stash. I think I'll definately be making a few more of these in the not to distant future.

Now for my Mom Moment .... you know we all have those from time to time, when we feel the need to brag about the achievements of our offspring. Boychild took part in our school districts MTA Spelling Bee this morning. He got a GOLD medal !!! He spelt all 5 of his words correctly ... he made us so proud.

Enjoy your weekend everyone !!!!


  1. Great Idea! I really hope I am the recipient!! I would love to have something like that. But since it will be a month before I go back home I guess I just have to wait and see.

    Congrats on your son's WIN!!!

  2. What a wonderful idea for a bridal shower gift or door prize etc. I love it. Great job friend! Yes, congrats to your son.

  3. oh I love the potholder idea...and that boy of yours sure is a cutie!