Tuesday, February 1, 2011


These little cuties make me smile!!!
Elizabeth from Creative Breathing showed some she'd made on her blog, and I had to have some of my own. So out came the paperclay, styrofoam balls, paint, glitter, felt, and pipecleaners, and I got to work creating some. I love how they turned out - he looks so shy and she seems elated by his declaration of love:-)

Last night, here in Texas the ice and snow came down. It's cold ..... very cold. The kids had a snow day today and another one has just been announced for tomorrow!!!!We can turn off the alarm and snuggle down for the day. With the mix of unusually warm weather followed by this bitter cold, our longtime friend "asthma" has come to call. Boy Child ended up at the Dr yesterday, because he was left gasping for breath .... poor little guy. Thanks to steroids and breathing treatments, he's breathing a whole lot easier today.

Keep warm wherever you are .... hot chocolate and knitted blankets ..... ahhh bliss!!!!

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  1. oh, I hope he is feeling better......it was seriously cold last week here too.......