Saturday, February 26, 2011


My poor neglected blog !!!
February has flown by. It turned out to be an insanely busy month for our family - the soccer season began, we had numerous scout activities, 5 school days missed due to snow and ice ... you know how it goes !!!
Just when I thought I could pay this poor blog some attention, I took a silly tumble and ended up laid up in a knee brace for a while. That coupled with the nasty tummy bug that has worked its way systematically through my family this week ... well, It just never got done.
But here I am now .... pity party over .... to show you some creations:-)

The theme for YOE 2 in January was snow scenes. We were required to make an ornament that depicted something snowy:-)
My partner should have recieved her package by now, so I'll show you what I came up with.

This started its life as one of those wooden birdhouses you can buy at most craft stores. I painted it a soft pink and used Snowtex to create a snowfall. I then VERY liberally glittered it with irradecent glitter (I love the shimmer it gives). What is a birdhouse without any residents .... so these 2 little lovelies were added to the ornie.
I have also discovered that spraying a light coat of clear varnish over the glitter, stops the glitter from falling off - I do this on all of my glitter projects now.

Isn't she the cutest .... a little snow fairy. I can't remember which blog the tutorial was on, but if you search "snow fairy tutorial", it's the first one that pops up. It was a great tutorial and she was very easy to make, and I loved the fact that you could do whatever you liked, creatively with her skirt.

There are a few items I need to get done during this next week, to meet some deadlines. So It'll be a busy week and I should have lots to show you :-)

Have a lovely week ... Spring is quickly approaching, and my daffodils should burst into flower any day now:-)


  1. I hope everyone has fully recovered and is feeling better now. I love the birdhouse ornament!

  2. more cuteness....I made the same fairy....but how did I miss that little CUTE!