Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Wandering down the clearance aisle of Walmart my eyes are drawn to this package of "ever so cute" cafe curtains .... what is a girl to do, when the design on them just won't allow you to walk past without popping them in your cart ... at $5 for the set, it would make no sense to leave them behind ... I believe this is called justifying my purchase:-)

Well that set of cafe curtains (or at least one of the curtains) became this ....

I took part in Shawnee's Cutie Pie Apron Swap. I wanted to make my partner an apron that was in keeping with the theme, but that she could still enjoy wearing past Valentines Day. I'm very happy with the result. I printed my favorite raspberry pie recipe onto printable fabric, which I then attached to the bib with some decorative stitching and 3 heart buttons. I didn't work from a pattern, but made the design up as I went along.

The fun part is that I still have some more of this delightful fabric left, to use on another project. The fabric itself feels like a cross between a light linen and flour sack cloth ..... just lovely.

I hope my partner likes it, as I had so much fun putting it together for her.

Here in Texas, we're bracing ourselves for another winter storm tonight ..... Ice and snow I believe, will be the order of the day tomorrow.
Stay warm wherever you may be:-)


  1. Most Definitely a justified purchase! What a great idea to use the panel for the apron! I love it and now will be on the look out for those clearance curtain panels!


  2. Awesome idea! Your apron turned out so cute. I love that you printed a recipe on the bib. Fun!