Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yay, things have returned to a some what more normal pace ....... well sort of!!!!
I have at least been able to get some crafting done. I'm a little late on my YOE package this month (I hate it when this happens!!!). It will however be in the mail this afternoon. I can't share the little gnomes I made with you yet as it'll spoil the package for my partner ..... you'll get to see them soon, I promise:-)

The photo's not great, but I made this notepad using a tutorial I found on Skip To My Lou. I am super excited about how well it turned out, and I had everything I needed on hand to make it. I printed the papers off of a website that shares free printables, the silicone gel is a "have on hand" item in our house, and I borrowed a few of hubby's clamps and scrap wood blocks ..... voila, a notpad, whose pages tear off beautifully!!! What I forgot to do with this one was to put a magnetic strip on the back (using the advertising magnets that are forever in your mail). I will definately do that with the next one I make, that way it can hang on your fridge. Wouldn't it make a cute gift, wrapped in a cellophane bag, with a pretty pen and a nice big bow:-)

My next crafty endevor.....

This really doesn't look very exciting, but I promise you, if you go ahead and make one, you'll be delighted you did - they are so very pretty, and a great way to use up little scraps of fabric. This ruffle notecard was off of the Moda Bake Shop blog (one of my favorite blogs!!!) I did end up sticking a 3D embellishment to one corner of the card, which did look very cute. This, like the notepad project, has endless possibilities.

Hope you're having a wonderful summer - here in Texas things have heated up very quickly!!!!

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  1. Can't wait to see the little gnomes! I just love Moda Bake Shop! XOXO Oh! and we're partners this month for YOE, too! Woo hoo!