Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Happy birthday to you.....Happy birthday dear daddy.....Happy birthday to you!!!!
That sweet hubby of mine turned 49 yesterday. As is tradition in our home, we had a birthday dinner for him - some of his favorites.............chicken parmesan, rice, cauliflower and brussel sprouts:)
This was followed by his birthday cake. This cake really wasn't meant to be!!! It rose like no cake in history - who knows why, but it was HUGE.... and then the top of it broke into 3 pieces while I was trying to get it iced. It was however very yummy, and lets be honest, that's all that really matters!!!!

Then as photo shoot is complete withouth the goofy shot!!!

So....Happy Birthday Babe, we hope you had a fantastic day:)
I'll be back later today with a suprise that arrived in the mail for me yesterday..................
See ya'll later and enjoy your day:)

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