Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ok , so I know that they don't hatch but it sounded fun!!!!

We've been really busy over the past few days, now that Easter is just around the corner. Tonight we had our Cub Scout Annual Den Easter Egg Scramble at our local park. The kids always have such a great time ...... we had around 400 eggs this year for the kids to collect!!!!
I also made sloppy joes and barbeque shredded beef for the first time ever......... Don't all laugh - I'm new here.... we don't eat things like that back home in the Southern Hemisphere. I must say it was rather delicious though - the proof was I came home with two empty crockpots:-)

I have managed to get my nieces Easter gift finished..............yes, once again it's going to be late getting to her..... it's all too reminisent of her Valentines gift isn't it:-) I really need to sort this time problem I have out before she gets to the age where she's able to understand that nothing Aunty Kerry ever sends arrives on time!!!!

Here she is............ a bigger version of the bunny I made for the swap I mentioned a few posts ago. She also has the cutest carrot!!! ( I found the link to the tutorial for this carrot on One Pretty Thing blog) I attached a piece of velcro to the carrot and to bunny's hand. That way I thought it could do dual purpose as a bit of an interactive toy too.

Isn't she so cute..............she'll look even better cuddled up in little Miss Jessica's arms.........two cuties together!!!
I love her little dress. In fact I have plans (and the fabric) to make a few toddler sized ones for the little lady herself.
We were given our April theme for the YOE Swap today- Val always works so hard to give us really fun stuff to do...................this year long swap is fantastic, I'm loving it!!! The theme is songbirds. I have already found a number of VERY cute ideas...........hmmm, which one shall I do!!!!
While I decide you all keep crafting away!!!
Until we visit again:-)


  1. She is just lovely....Happy Easter for you and your family!