Friday, March 19, 2010


During a stroll around World Market the other day, I came upon some little scroll notelets. I fell in love with them, they were just so super cute and different. However, I wasn't so much in love with the $1-99 price tag that came with each one!!!
So what is a girl to do when you know you just have to have some, but won't part with that much cash.................yip, you guessed right - work out a way to make your own and that's exactly what I did.
Here is the result....

Here it is all rolled up....

and here it is open. Imagine how fun it would be to unroll it and discover the sweet words it holds inside:-)
To make it I used some dowel, furniture buttons (those ones you buy in the craft store) and some pretty paper from my scrapbook stash. I finished it off with some string and a bead, which holds it all neatly rolled up...............voila, a scroll notelet!!!!
I have already made 2 packs of them as gifts - I made 4 scrolls, using 2 different papers along the same theme. I then popped them in a cellophane bag and put a gift topper on the bag............very, very cute!!!
Here in Texas we're bracing for a freeze (snow in March.............where does that come from!!!)
I guess I'll have to be crafty as to how I use the time we'll be forced to spend indoors over the next day or so:-)
Enjoy your weekend and happy crafting.

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  1. What a fantastic idea! I can totally see giving these little notes as a card with inspirational words or a poem (as a wedding gift they would be fantastic!!)!

    Thanks and HUGS!!