Thursday, March 25, 2010


well that is what it feels like this week:-) I have had lots of lovely little packages left on my doorstep this week.............lucky me!!!!
All my swap packages from the various swaps I've taken part in have arrived this week, it has been so exciting.
For anyone of you who haven't taken part in one and wonder if you should................go for it!!! I have made friends with some lovely ladies who are so talented, and that's before I mention all of the beautiful goodies I've recieved. It has also afforded me the chance to make things I may not have ever got round to making.
Year Of Enchantment Swap - February package. (This months theme was Fairies)
This is what I sent my partner Kim...

This is only a small taste of what I recieved from her..... If you want to see more go here Click on year of Enchantment Swap and check out my post there.
There are even little babies in the cacoon the lady fairy is holding!!!!

Then I took part in an international Swap hosted by The Dutch Sisters from The Netherlands. For this one we had to send our partner a Handmade Spring Gift and 2 fat quaters. I was partnered with a really great partner from The Netherlands.......we will continue to keep in email contact I'm sure:-)....See what I mean about the friends you make along the way....
This is what I sent my partner Roos:
I got this pattern off a link I found on Amazing Mae Blog...........It was so easy to put together, but is a really sturdy, pretty and roomy bag. It comes with the instructions to make fabric handles too, but I just loved the bamboo ones...............they scream Spring to me:-)

and this is what she sent me.............her crochet skills are amazing!!!!
I can't crochet more than a granny square - sad I know, but true:-(
I love the fat quarter with the little clogs and Dutch people on - I will keep that until just the right project comes along.

So as you can see I've been spoilt and I've made new friends along the way.
I have one more swap package to share with you, but it'll have to be patient..............I need to replace the batteries in my camera.
Have a lovely evening.........until we visit together again:-)


  1. Beautiful! I may have to have you make me a new purse! I am kinda sick of mine and need a spring one!! hehehe!

  2. I get so excited when I get swaps in the mail...I call them surprises! your goodies are all awesome!

  3. Hi Kerry, thanks for your nice comment on my blog, Im glad you like the fabrics and what I croched for you.
    You know how happy Im with the pretty bag, oooh I wish I could sew like you.
    But we all have are own speciality we're good at right...I love to keep staying in contact with you!
    With Easter I have to work, but after that I will have one week off, Im planning to do a lot off crafting then because my husband just have to work. Well Kerry bye for now and enjoy the weekend, Roos.

  4. These are awesome! You took part in some really cool swaps!

  5. everything is lovely! You were spoiled! (or as they say in New Orleans....spurlt!