Monday, April 18, 2016


Another post from my kitchen - it seems the place I spend most of my time at the moment !!!!
I'm sharing this with you, because I got REALLY excited when I saw this on Pinterest ....... it's so pretty, and Springy, and, and, and .......
It's perfect for all of those summer cookouts that will happen this year. The Family Reunions .... it'll be a winner for sure, and no doubt make you the talk of the town (well, maybe not the town :-p)

I made it for a banquet we had at church last night .... it was devoured in the blink of an eye. The fresh raspberry filling is SO delicious, mind you :-)

An arrangement of little spring flowers adorn the edge of the pie.
I followed THIS AMAZING TUTORIAL (and her pie crust recipe) . I didn't have enough pastry to make an entire ring of daisies like she did, but I think it looks just as pretty with a little floral spray on the side :-)

So what have you been rustling up in your kitchen, now that warmer weather is here .....

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