Monday, May 9, 2016


Well hello, hello ....
I'm so happy to be popping back for a visit, with something fabric to share with you.
It was once again time for myself and my two zombie loving friends to share another zombie exchange ..... it makes sure we keep our creative juices flowing !!!
Val, our Zombie Chief, chooses the theme, and we get to it !!!

The theme this time ...
Spring Cleaning Zombie Style

We were to make a Zombie themed apron .... how we interpreted that, was up to us.
I searched for Zombie fabric, but there is a definite gap in the market when it comes to this .... hint, hint all you fabric design guru's out there !!!
So .... what is a girl to do ? Why, make my own zombie fabric of course !!!

Val's preference was a café style, half apron.
This one has a pocket that runs the whole width of the apron, which I then sewed into smaller pockets.
Now just look who is popping out of her hiding place ..... Little Miss Springalot Zombie !!!!
The apron is lined with the same mustard fabric, as the cuff on the pocket.
I sewed the nice long, wraparound ties separate to the waistband, and attached them with 3 black button, just to add a little extra detail. 

Next up, was Jill's apron. She prefers a full apron, just like me ....... we're the messy ones obviously :-)
I used a butchers apron pattern .... this apron was one of the first things I ever learned to sew !!!!
Again, there are lots of pockets to tuck all those cleaning rags and dusters into.
On Jill's apron, I included a clip at the waist, that has a little hand towel attached. I don't know about you, but to have a hand towel attached to me at all times when I'm cooking or cleaning is a gem.
Her apron is lined with red fabric, with teeny tiny white polka dots on it.
This little Miss ...... Dusty Zombie, is a little cheeky, I think ........ sticking her tongue out like that !!!!! Truth be told, she probably feels the same way as I do about spring cleaning !!!

I always like to tuck a few little, themed extras into each package ....

I found these plain, muslin dish towels at Hobby Lobby. I decided to zombie them up with some fabric paint. I sprayed the red paint over the entire towel, and let it dry. I then did my freezer paper stencil trick, with some zombie silhouette images I found on the internet. I sponged the black paint over the stencil, and then left the towels to dry ...... I'm so happy with how they turned out.
I also included some zombie brain scrubbers ...... red ones to match Jill's color theme, and yellow to match Val's.

Thanks ladies for another fun zombie exchange .... can't wait for the next one !!!!

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  1. Thank you!!!! This was a blast and I love my new zombie aprons and cleaning goodies. I love how things look when they are clean but I don't enjoy cleaning. A zombie themed apron and zombie cleaning goodies will sure make spring cleaning a lot more fun!