Saturday, July 23, 2016


Welcome to my garden - Please come in.
                              We're here to celebrate the grandest of occasions ....                          

Let's stroll along the garden path.
Through the Sunflower Patch ....

The bees are busy with their daily chores.
They'll be along shortly. They wouldn't miss it for the world ....

Come along Mr. Toad.
No time for stopping ....

Not for you either Hedgehog ....

Now let's hurry along
We're Late, We're Late .....

And there before us, beside a babbling brook,
"Was A Table Set Out Under A Tree" ...

A Mad Tea Party ....

At the table sat waiting our host
The March Hare ...

Looking ever so dapper !!!
A table filled with many magical delights ...

Colorful candies and cookies and cupcakes galore ...

Tea with sparkly sugar
and iced pink flamingo brew ...

Mr. Toad  got there
Just in time ...

Owl wouldn't miss it for the world ...

Butterflies dance from flower to flower
Resting their silky wings from time to time ...

Stories  shared
And everyone giggles ....

And as the moon rises in the sky
And the sun puts itself to bed ....

The guests head home.
Mr.Toad bids all a goodnight, as they pass by his home ....

Until we gather again
For another grandest of grand affairs !!!!

Thank you for stopping by my Mad Tea Party, it was a pleasure to see you. I hope you enjoyed your visit.
Thank you Vanessa, for putting together another fun Mad Tea Party, it was SO much fun.


  1. Now I am feeling garden shame. I can use the excuse that our heat is just prohibitive but I believe I must be lazy. Beautiful and delicious party. I encourage everyone to scroll down to the next cookie post as well!

    Please visit me- I have music

  2. What a great party!

  3. Wonderful garden! Delightful party!

  4. Your garden is stunning! Love those sunflowers. The colors on your table are beautiful.

  5. A very sweet Mad Tea Party! I loved the twinkles in your tea!

    In the meanwhile, My Little Victorienne and Purple Kitty are waiting for a visit from you at my blog! We hope you enjoy your time there!

    Wishing you a wonderful Mad Tea Party Weekend!


  6. What a beautiful garden. And I love the story you weave and the beautiful table. Everything looks yummy, too. :)

  7. Your sunflowers look stunning. And your entire garden is magnificent--I'm particularly taken by Mr. Toad, such an elegant fellow. And the yummies, of course. What's a party without yummies!

    Happy Mad Tea Party! ♥

  8. Such a magical party, love all the sparkles and creatures who came to party with us in your enchanting garden.

  9. How delightful!! Thank you so much for your hospitality, Dear! Happy Mad Tea-ing!

  10. How delightful!! Thank you so much for your hospitality, Dear! Happy Mad Tea-ing!

  11. What a delight! Thank you for having me, such a pretty little party so colourful and welcoming :)

  12. What a special tea party with the frog. Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. Delightful and sweet !!! Beautiful sunflowers, love Mr. Toad, he made me laugh out loud !!!!
    please visit me here:

  14. What a nice tea party! So many goodies to be had. Thanks for having me by. I enjoyed myself immensely!

  15. So many sparkles and sprinkles! Just love me some sparkles. I am intrigued by the way the cupcakes were displayed. Are those sprinkles under them? However you did that, it looks lovely.

    1. Hi Lynda - thanks for topping by.
      It's actually shredded crinkle paper that I stuffed into the candle holder before placing the cupcakes on top :-)
      I love finding other ways to use household items :-)

  16. Just adorable...and it all looks delicious. I think I would eat all of your treats and make myself most unwelcome. Gluttony at its worst. Happy Tea Party - loved all of the festive colors. ';)

    I'm a day-late to the fun and just now getting around to each party, but if you haven't already, do drop by and say hi. :)
    ~ Misha

  17. You win the award for the most sparkly party, and I love everything about it! Your sugar is extra special and fun.

    Happy Mad Tea Party!
    Ricki Jill

  18. Sorry i´m later...i´m late...happy unbirthday to your garden...

  19. What a beautiful tea table and those sunflowers are spectacular. So sorry for being late, I'm as bad as the White Rabbit! Thanks for a lovely tea. Cheers, Sarah

  20. Hello and thanks for invitation to your party. Love your china teapot and everything look so attractive. Welcome to our party: