Wednesday, February 3, 2016


We all have that one friend, who just gets our idiosyncrasies  !!!! I am fortunate because I have two of those friends. We met a number of years back through our blogs and some swaps we took part in - they are my crafty "go to" girls :-) Years later, we text each other regularly, it's just a really special friendship that has grown between the three of us, and I love it !!!!

So what do you do, when you have the urge to play? Play with fabric, felt, beads and anything that you think might go together ..... Well you play of course !!!
One of these sweet friends decided to host a Zombie Cup Cozy Swap ...... she ended up having to cancel it, as it seemed everyone was just too busy with beginning of the year stuff. I decided to go ahead and make some cup cozies anyway .... who doesn't like receiving Happy Mail ?

 Zombie Mummy, complete with his wiggly loose eye and bandaged body !!!

 Arrgghh ..... The life of a pirate, especially a Zombie Pirate, with his little peg leg and his hook arm.

I used 100% wool felt for the cozy itself. I used it double thickness to make it a little more sturdy. For the zombies, I used a mixture of whatever I had - acrylic and wool felt.
The patterns for the zombies came from a little book called Zombie Felties. I bought that book a couple of years back, and I have used it over and over again. I t was worth every penny I spent on it.

So cute, and so fun ...... should make for an interesting Starbucks run :-)


  1. Ha these are such fun. I would love to take part in some swaps and play with other stuff but our postal service is up to crap :/ This are so cool and I am sure that the recipient was delighted.

  2. What fun! Love the cozies! I totally get where you're coming from. I have two fantastic crafty friends too! :)