Wednesday, August 12, 2015


One of my favorite animals for sure .... the Elephant !!!
We're privileged to have grown up on a continent where we could see them in the wild ..... slow and graceful .... truly magnificent !!!

This little bundle of wooly cuteness, was an absolute pleasure to make !!!
I used THIS PATTERN, I found it on Ravelry. The pattern was very well written, and I really loved the fact, that included with the pattern, was instructions on how to needle sculpt, as well as how to shade with pastels (how cute are those big elly eyes !!!)

I did change a few things ...... nothing major, just finishing touches. I only shaded her eyes. I have always loved the look of Tattered Teddies, so I wanted her tummy to have more of that kind of look. I also button jointed her, as opposed to just thread jointing her ..... I prefer that look. I also decided to give her a little tufty top ...... SO cute !!!!

One of the big attractions of this pattern to me, was her ears ...... Love, Love, Love the use of  "mandelas" for ears.

She also has the cutest little tail :-)

She turned out to be the perfect summer crochet project ......

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