Thursday, August 6, 2015


I swear you blink, and they're all grown up !!!!
Brittany turned 17 on Tuesday - only one more year, and she earns the title of Adult .... as a Mom, there's something quite terrifying about that fact !!!!!
She had a great birthday .......

Her two best friends had planned a Big Birthday Surprise for her ....... they appeared at the front door, and whisked her away for a special dinner out !!! They spoiled her rotten :-)

All grown up .... she started her first job this Summer - that's a milestone in itself.
She even worked a shift on her birthday !!!!
She opened presents, we went out for dinner, and ended the evening with birthday cake ....
She's our Red Velvet, Minion loving Baby Girl ..... so the cake had to fit those categories ....
I baked a red velvet cake (bottom tier), and a vanilla cake (top tier), then iced it with THE most delicious cream cheese buttercream icing !!!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl .... You make us SO proud !!!
Love you to the moon and back !!!

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  1. Wow, she is all grown up and gorgeous! What a cute cake too!