Friday, September 4, 2015


Summer certainly flew by ....... Our kids have returned to school, and a routine has fallen over our day to day. I do like having a little more structure to our days, but man, I miss having the kids around. Everything is just so quiet when they're not here.
The weather is also changing .... although the change is subtle. We're still having daytime temperatures in the upper 90's !!! However, I've noticed a shift in the behavior of the birds .....

The hawks were prolific around here in the Winter and Spring. They then disappeared for the Summer ..... early this week, look who I found sitting on the back fence - this gorgeous Broad Winged Hawk.

We have had a wonderful Summer of Hummingbirds - more so than any Summer before. On Monday the weirdest shift happened .... we were literally inundated with them trying to feed at the feeders. A bully boy Red Throat Hummingbird appeared, and he started chasing the other birds away .... fast forward to yesterday, and the Hummingbirds have all gone. It seems that the feeding frenzy was just that ...... they were feeding madly before they started their migration South !!! Until next Summer little Hummingbirds - you have brought us so much joy over the past few months :-)

The Summer had bursts of creativity in it, but not as much as usual. I completed some items that I entered into The State Fair Of Texas (can you believe, that I forgot to take any photos of my entries before I handed them in) ....The results came out on Tuesday ......
The sweet little elephant that I shared with you in my previous post, won a First Place Ribbon !!!!
I got 3 other Honorable Mentions for a sewn tote bag, a child's outfit, and a crochet shoulder bag ..... it's so exciting. Hubby and I have decided to make Fair Day a date day for us this year ....... it's less crowded during the week, and overall a much better experience.

I had a little play around the other day ..... I had a few things I needed to send to a friend, and wanted to include a little surprise for her in the package.

Jill is a teacher, so I figured she could always use a notebook .... and what's nicer than a plain, old notebook ...... Why a pretty notebook of course :-)
I  followed THIS TUTORIAL - it was a well written tutorial. The only change I'd make next time, is to add a full inch to each of the measurements .... my notebook needed the slightest little trim to fit nicely.
I really like black, wonky stitching around appliques at the moment !!!!
I stamped her name on some twill tape, using my alphabet stamps and Staz On ink.

The cover is removable, so once she has filled up the notebook, she can just take it out, and replace it with a new one :-)

As the seasons change, so does my crafting ........ That time of year is upon us ...... Zombie Making Season !!!! Val's 7th Annual Zombie Doll Swap is in full swing, and oh boy, am I having SO much fun !!!! In a couple of weeks I'll be able to reveal it all ....
Until then ...Happy Crafting !!!!!

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  1. this is beautiful. I know she must adore it. What a thoughtful and wonderful friend you are. I'm lucky to call you mine, too !