Friday, October 11, 2013


Some of you may remember from a few posts back, that I took part in Val's Halloween Zombie Doll Swap (this is a favorite swap of mine). I made The Mad Hatter for my partner. She came up with this great idea ... she offered up the challenge, to any of us who wanted to play along, to make another zombie doll, for ourselves this time.
I had everything I would need on hand, and I don't have many of my own creations, so I was in. I had wanted to possibly make The White Rabbit for my swap partner, but chickened out, because there were too many elements I'd have to experiment with ..... ears, different shaped head.... I took this as my opportunity to give it a go .... if it went wrong it was mine, so nobody would be dissappointed.

His head begun to take shape. I used an egg shaped styrofoam form for his head. To make his ears, I wrapped tin foil around a wooden skewer, until I was happy with the shape. I then molded some paperclay around the ears, before jabbing the skewer into his head. I then carried on molding more paperclay, so that his head looked like one piece .... no joins.

Next up, was to zombify his head .....
The paperclay had cracked in a few places, so I applied a layer of white tissue and modge podge all over his head  - I love the texture this gives. Once dry, he was painted white. I thought at this point that he looked too white, so I gave him a grey color wash ... this gave an almost antiqued look to him. Knitted I Cord for the "brains" again, and then those two front teeth ..... one of my favorite parts. I made them out of sculpey, molded onto toothpicks. Once they were baked, cooled and painted, I performed an implant procedure.... my dentist would be so proud of the job I did !!!
His body and appendages are made of fabric. I added a cup of rice to his bum .... that just makes him sit beautifully.

 Dressing him ... my favorite part !! Blue overalls and a red shirt, with that oversized bow tie. He couldn't go without his pocket watch either. A good spray over with red fabric spray paint, and he was done.
I am soooo happy with the way he turned out, and even more so, that I get to keep him.
Today, I'll be decorating my little Halloween tree and table .... you can be sure he'll be taking a spot somewhere there.

I'm thinking now, that I'd like to try making some paperclay Christmas characters ..... I'm leaning more towards that primitive look this year. Hmmm, we'll have to give that idea some thought.


  1. oh man he is SO an undead sort of way!

  2. He looks awesome! Very cute in a bloody zombie kind of way!

  3. How cool is that... You have such an inventive mind. I love how you constructed him... Happy Halloween :D