Monday, July 30, 2012


Hello everyone, and welcome to my little corner of Blogland - thanks for stoping by for a visit :-)

Over the past few weeks, another little, knitty being has been under construction. Today I knitted the last few stitches, and put her together, and here she is !!!! I'm not sure of her name yet ..... I'm still thinking about that - any suggestions anyone?

She is another pattern from Rebecca Dangers Book, and as always there were new things to learn while making her. This time it was knitting using the Magic Loop Method. Honestly, not my favorite, but perhaps I just need to practice it a little more. These little feet just tickle me pink .... her chubby, little toes are so very endearing :-)

I also had a go at knitting stitches mid row onto scrap yarn, and then comming back later to pick them up, and continue knitting with them .... this is how her legs were knitted onto her feet. Very clever !!!!

She will be taking a little visit somewhere soon (more about that at a later date), but she will eventually come home. Girl Child has already laid claim to her :-)

Texas is roasting at the moment ..... sweltering, sticky, just plain yukky !!! Hope you're enjoying your weather wherever you are. Until next time ..... Toodles !!!!


  1. we are roasting here too! I love Miss Monster......she is quite cute!

  2. Miss monster is too cute! I think she looks like a Priscilla so that's my name suggestion. I hope it cools off in Texas soon. All that heat must keep you all inside, I can't imagine walking around in 107 degree heat. Yikes!