Sunday, August 5, 2012


Girl Child turned 14 yesterday !!!! Am I the only mother who gets emotional when my children's birthdays come around?  I've done it since both of their first birthdays, I just can't help it !!!!
We had a lovely family day, just the four of us, doing activities of her choosing.
Gifts were opened on waking up .... Lunch was enjoyed while paying MUCH attention to one of the above mentioned gifts ....
After the 21/2 hours we spent in the AT&T store sorting out this new toy (ok, so we upgraded our long overdue phones too), we felt she deserved a little "play" time.
We ran a few more errands - mostly birthday related, and then it was home to enjoy some birthday cake. Her cake of choice this year ...... A strawberry dinosaur cake !!! I love that she is old enough (and interested enough) now, that we can make and decorate her cake together.

I must apologise for the icky pictures, but he was suprisingly difficult to photograph. I had never worked with fondant before (there's a first time for everything!!!) It wasn't as difficult as I'd anticipated it would be though :-)
I love his cute little head and face, she sculpted it all by herself.
But of course, no birthday is complete without something handmade ...... meet Spot, the stripey Birthday Monster !!!
Looking back at the pictures now, it looks like we intentionally had a purple and green color scheme going on - this happened by chance !! Girl Child chose the cake colors the day before her birthday, and Spot has been on my knitting needles for a while ..... he was a pick up and knit a few rows type project, between other projects, that she knew nothing about.

So all in all, it was a lovely day, for a lovely young lady, who we are extremely proud of.
Happy 14th Birthday Sweet Girl ...... We love you tons XXX

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  1. I love how you two baked her cake together...Dino is precious! Her little "Spot" is too cute!