Thursday, November 3, 2011


I took part in another Flirty Apron Swap, only this time, we didn't swap aprons, but rather table runners - it was great and a chance to make something different. My partner requested a Christmas themed table runner. She liked bright and cheery colors and has lots of little people at home, so it needed to be washable. It took some thought, before I found what I wanted to make. My mom sent me a placemat pattern a couple of years ago - she had made them in her sewing class. I love the pattern as it's quick and easy, and gives a great result. I have used it over and over again. I widened and lengthened the pattern to make the runner. I saw the appliqued Christmas tree idea somewhere on Google.

It's difficult to see, but the red fabric has little Christmas trees in different shades of green all over it. I kept the quilting simple by just quilting in vertical lines, 2 inches apart, and then I quilted around the trees. I added some star shaped buttons to the tree tops, to add a little country charm.
Table runners are a great way to brighten up any table, and they're easy to make. A runner would make a great gift too.
I'm hoping that all of these Christmas ideas I'm posting get your creative juices flowing, and perhaps even give you a few gift ideas. I adore handmade gifts, every one I've ever recieved has become a treasured item to me. Every year I strive to make our Christmas, a Handmade Christmas .... if I can make at least half of the gifts I give this year, I'll be a very happy girl!!!!


  1. The table runner is beautiful! I wish I could make half the gifts I give this year but I know I won't have time. I do try to give my zucchini relish as a gift at Christmas time so some gifts are handmade.

  2. I love this something about those sweet trees reminds me of the book "The Three Trees."