Tuesday, November 1, 2011


What a great Halloween we had.
Our Cub Scout Halloween Party was a blast ... by the choice of costumes, you can certainly see that the boys (and girls) are growing up ... no more cute for these kiddos.

The best part of a Halloween party for me ... all the creepy food you get to make. No other holiday, lets you do this, so I took full advantage!!!

BRAIN JUICE ... aka a really yummy fruit punch, amd a new recipe I tried ... definately a keeper:-) I found this mold at Walmart. Super easy to make, and even better, is that it pretty much unmolds itself. The skull does melt very quickly though. I'm going back today, to see if I can grab a second mold on sale, as it would have been nice to have a second skull to pop into the punch once the first one had melted.

Next ... MERINGUE BONES ... freshly dug up, and oh so yummy!!!!

And my absolute favorite this year, and right up there on the grossometer .... the COCKROACH CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! So gross infact, that even the most die hard chocolate fan I know, wouldn't eat it ... the fact that she has a cockroach phobia may have played a part in that!!! I saw something similar in Martha Stewarts magazine. They don't know what they're missing - I tried a new chocolate fudge buttercream icing for this cake, and it is scrumdidlyicious!!!!

So, as I send 2 very tired little people off to school today, my thoughts now turn to Christmas, and everything that I need to get busy with, so that I can accomplish all that is on my list.
Happy November!!!

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  1. It looks like you all had tons of fun. Your Halloween treats look yummy. I would even try the cockroach cake it looks chocolatey!