Friday, September 16, 2011


I came across a series on making your own polymer clay buttons (Lisa Clarkes Polka Dot Cottage) a little while ago. Yesterday I pulled out my clay and decided to give it a try. It was quite a bit of fun, and I do think that the color combinations you could come up with, are limitless.

Aren't they fun!!! There's no longer any excuse for not having exactly the right color, shape or size button for that craft project. I used what I had on hand to give these a try, but I can't wait to try and make shaped buttons using those tiny, little cookie cutters you get:-) Imagine how much fun they'd be to use on handmade cards or on a scrapbook layout. They bake up really hard (we even tried the dropping them from a height onto a slate floor .... they didn't even chip!!!)
These are being mailed off, as part of a package I'm sending to someone, so I wanted to display them nicely - I have a thing about presentation ... it comes from my Dad:-) So, I doubled a piece of cardstock and with a yarn needle poked holes in the card and tied each button on with a length of yarn - easy!!! I'll pop it in a cellophane bag, and attach a pretty bag topper.
This project is so easy, and would be a great one for kids to help with - you'd just have to help them with conditioning the clay and baking the buttons.
So dig out that polymer clay, and give it a go - you'll be delighted with the results!!!


  1. Wow! Great idea! By the way you always do a great job with presentation. Your packages are always beautifully packed and wrapped!

  2. Hi Kerry, I always love coming here. You make me smile. I love your pincushions. I just put up my fall decorations and posted it. I linked back to your blog because of my darling tassels that you sent me last year. Check it out friend!

  3. I love this idea....just the other day I was searching for a unique I have no excuse. This is on my to do list for sure!