Saturday, September 3, 2011


This is going to be a "little bit of this, little bit of that " type post. The kids are settled back at school now, and routine now abounds in our home ..... boy did we need it!!!
I climbed back on board with our school PTA this year, after taking last year off. Our circumstances last year were not conducive to me being able to give them the attention the position would have needed. While our circumstances remain unchanged, we've got a better handle on our new "normal" for now, and the time was right for me to be active again. Hospitality is my little niche. We hand out little treats to our Kindergarten parents on the first day of school each year (remember how traumatic that day was !!!!) I put together these water bottles and kleenex holders for them.

I used cardstock and felt in our school colors, as well as the image of our mascot. I also added the school's info to the kleenex holder. I printed it onto iron on printable fabric ..... I know how often I need that information, even now, and we're in our 7th year there!!! They were very well recieved by all those sad mommies and daddies:-(
Next, this is my 2nd year of being a part of The Year Of Enchantment Swap, hosted by Val, over at Yarnigras. I just love this swap, and have collected many gorgeous, enchanted ornaments since its inception, all of them made by extremely talented ladies. The theme for August was toads/frogs .... who would have thought those warty little creatures could be so cute? Here is what I made to send to my partner ...

The little frog I made using Fimo, for his crown I used glass head pins ... no wonder his eyes are bulging .... imagine how painful that must have been for him!!! The bigger one (my hubby thinks it looks like an egg who met with the hulk, and came off second best), I made by molding paper clay over a styrofoam egg, and adding to him from there:-) I was very happy with how they turned out. These are the froggies I recieved from my partner ..... see what I mean about cute!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day Weekend .... It's fun just being able to kick back and relax.


  1. The frogs are very cute! I have really enjoyed YOE this year. I enjoy the challenge of creating for the themes and seeing what everyone else is making. It's a talented group of ladies, yourself included!!
    I bet the PTA is glad to have you back on board. The gifts are very nice. I'm sure they were appreciated.

  2. I'm so happy you are enjoying YOE. As for PTA, hats off to you...that is a lot of work and I know they are glad to have you back!