Friday, July 1, 2011


I have seen these treat cans on a few blogs recently, and I think they're really cute. Such a fun and easy treat to put together. However, once I actually got down to it and made one myself, I didn't realize just how cute!!!
These, I will find many a use for. I think they'll take the place of our Christmas crackers this year (those things are horrendously expensive - I'm sure it's because they're imported), they'd also make great party favors :-D
You have a choice of sizes, I've made them using the big cans that pineapple rings come in, and I've made this smaller size, using the 100 calorie cans of fruit. You can fill them with anything you like, and can decorate the outside in so many different ways, to suit your occasion.

Girl Child and I taught a 2nd grade class at our church VBS this week - it was a ton of fun. Girl Child did a fantastic job (it was her 1st year as staff and not attendee), I was as proud of her as any mom could be. We made the cans above as little treats for our class, which we handed out to them on the last day. Inside, we put a small craft and some candy. You'd be suprised at just how much fits into them.
I used the tutorial on to get the basic idea of how to put them together. The only investment I had to make was a new can opener (one that removes the bottom without any sharp edges), but I needed a new one anyway, so that took care of that. The one I got is made by Oxo, and it works brilliantly !!!
These are really worth giving a try .... it's a great craft that the kids can help with too.


  1. Cool cans! I haven't seen these before but it seems like the possibilities are endless.

  2. Oh I LOVE these! What a fab idea! Have added to my Christmas craft list - be great instead of those crackers as you suggested! :)