Monday, September 6, 2010

I'M LATE... I'M LATE.....

but it will be in the mail tomorrow!!!
I took part in The Hot Mama Apron Swap - the theme was Alice in Wonderland. It was a whole lot of fun.
This is the apron I made..... modeled so professionally by Girl Child!!!

Blue was the obvious choice as Alice is always drawn wearing a blue dress with a white apron over it.My favorite part of the apron ...... the Mad Hatter image I enhanced with embroidery. It was so good to haul out all my silk ribbon and embroidery floss - it's been way to long.Take a look, and see what you think!!!

We were also to include 3 Tuck In's (theme related goodies). I won't show you all of them, just this one because the story behind it is so funny.

My intention was for this crocheted teapot to be a pin cushion ....well, it is huge (by pin cushion standards, that is). It's about 6 inches tall. I do like how it turned out though, so I have included it in the package. Personally I would still use it as a pin cushion, as I have tons of pins - this may not be everyones cup of tea (haaa...haaa) though. The teabag tags have quotes from Alice in Wonderland printed on them, and I loved the image of The Queen Of Hearts. Hopefully my partner will like it too.

That is all my swaps caught up now. Our YOE theme for September is mice, but that is only due in a few weeks, although I can't wait to get started as I have a number of cute options:-)

I guess it is also time to start putting some serious thought into Christmas gifts ..... no time like the present to start on those ..... Christmas will be here before we know it!!!

Oh but wait ..... I had some cute ideas for Halloween. I wantto give something other than candy to our Trick and Treaters this year. We have so much candy wastage in our house around Halloween - the kids never eat it all.

Happy crafting everyone ......... it's getting to "busy time" for all of us crafters:-)


  1. Kerry,
    I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have received this apron and package from you! I LOVE everything!!! You are amazing and can be may partner any day! Thank you!!! I blogged about on my blog and the swap blog if you want to see.

  2. Wow love that very creative apron. You are one talented lady! I love all things related to Alice in wonderland. Your partner will be thrilled with the apron.