Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Our YOE theme for July was snails:-)
I thought I'd show you what I made for my partner.

It took me a while to come up with this idea using felt and ribbon - I was ultimately very happy with just how cute he looked once he was finished.

Next, was this little amigarumi snail, that I decided to turn into a pin cushion for her. I glued a little circular magnet to the underside of his tail. This ended up serving 2 purposes - it weighted him down (he no longer took a nose dive every time I put him down), and it stuck pretty nicely onto a sewing machine .... no running away for this little snail!!!

Then one of my most favorite things I've made in a while (I intend making one for our family at some point) - this little decoupage bird house. I saw the idea on a website - I wrote the web address down before we left to go overseas ...... do you think I can find it now!!!!I bought one of those wooden bird houses you can get at Hobby Lobby. I then pulled out my paint, some scrapbook papers and the Mod Podge, and got to work. I put a final coat of waterproof sealant over it, so hopefully the birds in her garden will use it for many years to come:-)

Our August theme is the octopus, so I'm busily working on getting this little creature put together:-) I;m also busy putting together Alice in Wonderland and Back To The Future themed apron and swap packages - busy, busy, busy:-)
Until next time - keep crafting!!!!

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  1. Your snails are adorable! I love how you used the ribbon, very creative!