Saturday, October 24, 2015


This popped through the mail box a few weeks ago .....

Such anticipation and excitement for what is sure to be "The Event " of this magical time of year.
The Zombie Patch ....... no better place to host such a party !!!!

Our hostesses for this most spooky event - Ermaline and Amelia, the two trendy witches, who live in a little rickety house, deep in Boggy Hollow. Gracious hostesses they're sure to be.

The table is set and the sun shines bright - there's a gentle breeze blowing in the trees ....

Welcome to The Zombie Patch ....
Please sign The Visitors Book upon your arrival ....

Then make your way down the curved path, where the witchy duo are waiting to welcome you .....
The guest list is impressive - the perfect day to catch up with longtime friends ....

 Maggie  - the sweetest little zombie girl ....

Oh look, there's The Old Woman Who Lived In The Shoe, Mathilde, and Peggy Sue (dressed in her party tutu) ....

Eye-ara, and Zombilena have come too .....

Jack SkellingZombie !!! So glad you could join us ....

Mr SkellyBones - love your party hat ....

So much chitter chatter, and so many treats ....

Cookies with a cup of Witches Brew ....

 Chocolates and Cupcakes ....

The guests had plenty to eat ....

They laughed and they giggled ....
 The dapper Mr Skellington even danced with Peggy Sue ....

The party continued as the sun began to set ....

As darkness crept in, candles were lit, and party lights were turned on,
and the party continued into the night, until the last sweet zombie guest was gone !!!

No party is ever complete without a party favor - so I've decided that a giveaway, would be the perfect Witches Tea Party Favor (a red and white polka dot lined zombie tote, and a witchy candy jar, filled with your favorite Halloween candy treat) ......
If you'd like to be entered into my giveaway, please let me know in the comments section.
Please leave a blog address or email address in your comment, so I have a way of contacting you, if you're the winner.
Tell me what your favorite candy treat is, so I can be sure to fill the little Halloween Candy Jar with some candy love :-)
I will draw a winner on Halloween (next Saturday, October 31st)

A huge Thank You to Vanessa, for hosting an amazing Witches Tea Party. For so many years I've watched from the sidelines as she's hosted one each year, wishing that I'd signed up to take part. This year I decided I would take the leap, and join in ..... I am SO glad I did !!!!

All of my zombie dolls are dolls I've either created myself, or are dolls that I've been gifted in an annual zombie doll swap group, that I've been part of for the past 5 or 6 years. They are creative treasures to me, and make an appearance on my mantel each Halloween.

Thank you for visiting my Witches Tea Party - now hop on your brooms and fly on over and enjoy some witches brew with the other witches at their parties .....


  1. What a lovely witch and zombie collection you hav.! Looks like everyone enjoyed the party! Cheers, Sarah

  2. What fun! I'm not afraid to party in a "Zombie Patch"... since they only eat brains, I have nothing to worry about! Thanks for the cookies and cakes!

  3. Hi! I love your post! Incredible decorating, and amazing creativity!

    Sincerely, Citrus and Neon

  4. Looks like a fun party!! Happy Halloween!

  5. Looks like a fun party!! Happy Halloween!

  6. A Zombie Party! What a fun theme, with all your adoarable zombie dolls. The pumpkin witches are very clever. I'm taking notes on all your clever ideas. Love an alfresco tea party. That's what I had planned, but I didn't get it done before the rain arrived. No complaints! As a fellow Texan you know we need the rain.
    Happy Halloween!

  7. WOW...Love your Zombie´s funny....thanks forlet me be a part of it...Happy Halloween

  8. Gorgeous colourful party in Boggy Hollow and I especially would like one of those cookies. Jack SkellingZombie looks such the charmer, I may just have a witchy crush on him....x

  9. I had such a great time at your Zombie Party. I was so glad that Mr. Skelly Bones made it as I thought he was looking quite gaunt the last time I saw him. Such fun and hope to see you next year..Happy Halloween..Judy

  10. Thank you for inviting us to you Zombie Tea Party. Love those pumpkin heads. Happy Hallowen. xoxo Su

  11. Ohhhhhhh, what a delight-full party. The Zombie Patch, and those who live there, is a magical experience. Thanks for inviting me. I'm glad I flew my broomstick over here.

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  14. Great Tea Party!!!! I would love to be a guest there. Glad you got all the photo's taken before the rain hit us here in Texas. Hope your dry and safe.

    Congrats on your wins at the State Fair!!!! Very Talented lady.
    New Follower
    Cathy <;)

  15. Hi Kerry I LOVE your Halloween party! Ermaline and Amelia are great and I particularly love your zombie dolls especially old Maggie and your tote bag is super duper CUTE to add. The cupcakes are also adorable. Thank you for having me ;-) I'd love to be included in your Giveaway xox Appreciate all the effort you went to :-)

  16. Dearest Ermaline and Amelia, you sure know how to throw a deliciously creepy party. I'm so pleased to attend a gathering with so many enchanting guests. Your Zombie Patch is perfect! And we might get a party favor, too? Too awesome.

    Do consider me for your giveaway. Thank you! ♥

  17. Everybody loves a zombie patch! Such a creative venture here! And the bags sweet zombie goes right to my heart! Love to be included in your giveaway, please enter me and visit our party at

  18. Love it and love Maggie the Zombie girl. So cute. Giveaway, oh yes. Candy corn!

    Do visit my dog witch party:

  19. Kerry your party decorations were wonderful! Those cookies looked yummy. That witches' brew must have been wonderful to sip as the sun set! What a wonderful party! Thank youfor visiting my blog! I loved your staging!

  20. Awwwwe, LOVE! And your pumpkin head witches are so wonderful. Your characters are fantastic! Love it all. Thank you for joining in the cackling fun!! <3

  21. Looks like You had great fun setting up Your table full of good fun and creativity.Trick or Treat !

  22. Looks like You had great fun setting up Your table full of good fun and creativity.Trick or Treat !

  23. Loved your Witchy Tea Party. Jack Skelly was my favorite. The guest book idea was very creative and the treats were yummy! Thanks for the invitation and I'm glad I stopped by. I enjoyed it. Do enter me for your favorite is Strawberry Twizzlers licorice. Have a Happy Halloween!ğŸŽƒStephanie (

  24. What a wonderful party and such a cute bag. I must enter this give away. I would have to say candy corn is my favorite treat. Thanks for this wonderful post!

  25. What a great party - I love the dolls and how you decorated very festively. I like what you did with the cobwebs and lights - I will have to do that someday. My favorite candy...and I know this will make me sound old...has to be bit 'o honeys. My favorite chocolate is Dove! Thanks for the party!

  26. I love the party! The zombies need to come to my own!

    1. This is another perfect example of why we need to live closer to one another .... our zombies could have had the most awesome play date !!!!

  27. What a wonderful party!! So many wonderful details and creativeness. This is my kind of party!! I enjoyed it all. Thanks for visiting my party and sorry I'm so late in visiting. Take care, Darlene

  28. What a wonderful party!! So many wonderful details and creativeness. This is my kind of party!! I enjoyed it all. Thanks for visiting my party and sorry I'm so late in visiting. Take care, Darlene