Tuesday, October 13, 2015


They're creepy, little brain eaters BUT they can be useful too !!!!
I wanted to send a little "Thank You" gift to my special friend Val. She's the Queen of Halloween, and does such an outstanding job of hosting our annual zombie doll swap, that our group of swappers has come to love !!! We look forward to it every October :-) I wanted her to know just how appreciated she is, by us !!!

I wanted to give her something useful, but still in keeping with our theme ....

I decided that a needle book might fit the bill. I appliqued a little Prim zombie onto the cover :-)

I love including a little poem with my zombie dolls .... I'm no poet, but I like it as a way to tell the little zombie's story. Little Miss Zoe Zombie is an accomplished seamstress ...... with a dark side !!!!

This is the card I made her, to go along with the gift. It was made by layering a variety of ink colors over a stencil ..... I really do love the effect it gives. The results you can get are so varied depending on how much of each color you sponge over each area.

Now, I know I promised to show you the WONDERFUL zombie doll that I got from Debbie ...... then I promptly forgot to do it !!! She is so super awesome - I LOVE her !!!

Her tutu is fantastic ..... it so appeals to the girl girl in me ...and those dainty, little feet, with their purple bows :-) I love her from the tip of her tufty hair to the tip of her dainty toes, and her stumpy arm in between :-)

This was one of my tuck ins ...... A Jack Skellington Clock ..... perfection !!!
Debbie, you outdid yourself .... you are one amazingly talented doll maker ... thank you SO much !!!!

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