Friday, June 19, 2015


It was a friend of mines birthday on Wednesday .... She's a great friend. A friend who knows exactly how I feel, and what I've gone through, because she's walked pretty much the same path I have walked over the past 10 years. We moved to the States within months of each other, have kids of similar ages, and have been through the same stuff !!!
She is proof to me, that God is good - He gave us one another, knowing how much we'd each need someone who could 100% understand what we go through.

A special friend, deserves a special gift. She LOVES ladybirds ....
I decided to make her a pincushion thread catcher combo. I love this pattern, and making it for the second time was a breeze.
I'm going to apologize for the pictures ...... the light was awful, as Tropical Storm Bill, was in full swing when I took them .......... there was torrential rain pouring !!!!

The pattern calls for boning, but I use that really thick, stiff interfacing, and it alleviates the need for the boning. The thread catcher bucket holds itself open beautifully.

The pincushion part is a great size ... even with the pretty flower.
As you can see, it's roomy inside ............ it'll hold a fair amount of trash.

I really must make myself one. I've only ever made them to give as gifts ..... I'll add it to my already ridiculously long "To Do" List :-)

Hope you're all having a wonderful, restful Summer, making memories with your families, that will last a lifetime.

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  1. haha, I love that you have a ridiculously long to do list! I do too! That is PRECIOUS though and I'm sure she adores it!