Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Well this may well be the reason, that we here in Texas, are knee deep in water !!!! I've updated my blog!!!
May has been a crazy month for me. I am the coordinator for all of the 8th Grade End Of Year functions at our Middle School. That includes a Formal Dance (which was held on May 16th), organizing the printing and distribution of their 8th Grade T Shirts, and their Graduation celebration, at a local fun park this Friday ..... coordinating, organizing, and collecting money from 350 teenagers is a fulltime job !!! So yes, it's been busy, busy, busy, but a ton of fun too :-)

With May quickly coming to an end, I took last Saturday off from "business", to get my mushroom themed article made, for Val's Craft Along. May's theme was mushrooms and toadstools.

I have finally found the most perfect crochet hooks ..... well for me anyway !!! These don't hurt my hand when I crochet. I only have three of them so far, but I'll get them as I need different sizes. The perfect crochet hooks, need the perfect home.

I decided to make a fold over bag to keep my hooks, and crochet bits and bobs safe I didn't work from a pattern. Instead I made it up as I went along, adding what I needed to make it perfect for me.
Appliqued mushrooms - so pretty :-)

These are my perfect hooks !!!!

The two sides have pockets for the crochet hooks to slip into. I also added a length of wool felt, so that I had somewhere to keep a few needles and pins.

I added a little zipper pocket to the back. It'll be useful for keeping my scissors, stitch markers and other bitties safe.
I finished it off with some red binding and a spotty ribbon tie :-)
It is already in use, and is working so well for me :-)

And while we're on the subject of crochet, it's time for another Sophie's Universe update !!! I am way behind on this, but hey, I'll get there in the end. I have just finished Part 7 ....

Not the best photo, but natural light is not very abundant here at the moment !!! She is really pretty, and growing steadily. I have learned so much from making her, and have surprised myself as to how much I can actually do when it comes to crochet.

Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit - it is very appreciated.
Wishing you all a happy day filled with sunshine .... and some crafty time !!!!


  1. What a pretty little carrier for all your crochet stuff... back in the day my gran made one for all her knitting needles and it rolled up so it was practical and not pretty. The mushrooms are just so pretty and it is so bright and cheerful. i love it.Those hooks are pretty cool too. Love the blanket? that you are making too it is going to be lovely when it is done.

    1. Thanks Val ..... yes it's a blanket :-) It's only half way finished, and already it's rather large !!! It'll be nice and warm for those wintry nights :-)
      From the pics I've seen, Storm's wedding looked absolutely awesome. Your baby girl made a beautiful bride :-) Lots of love XXX

  2. love the toadstools, but you KNEW I WOULD! That mandala is lovely!