Monday, April 20, 2015


These little birds fascinate me ........ I adore them !!!!
We've put out feeders for the past few years, and would get sporadic visits from one or two hummingbirds each season. I've always used the store bought nectar.
This year, I decided to change things up after chatting to a friend of mine, who makes her own nectar. She has hummingbirds that pay her visits daily throughout the summer. I also decided to put up more feeders, in the hopes of attracting more birds. The nectar I make up is 4 parts water to 1 part sugar. I empty out the old nectar and wash out the feeders before refilling them with fresh nectar every Saturday ..... such a rewarding weekly chore.
Well, I'm pleased to report, it has worked, and I am elated !!!

This male kept us entertained all through dinner tonight. The weather here is glorious at the moment, so we're taking every chance we get, to eat our meals outdoors. This little guy spent about 30 minutes this evening, flying down to feed, then he'd fly up and sit on a branch in the magnolia tree you see behind the feeder. He was not bothered by us .... and let me tell you, when they make an appearance, we go into paparazzi mode !!!!

This little lady is also a regular - I think they may even be a pair :-) You can see how we have multiple feeders in a row - there are 4 in total, and they visit all of them.

There little wings make the most amazing humming noise - very loud for such little things !!!

I'm hoping these birdies will hang around all summer .... they're a sight to behold :-)

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