Sunday, July 13, 2014


This is the day and age of  The 3 R"s (Recycle, Reclaim, Reuse). I think it's awesome, that we're being encouraged to dispose of less stuff. Stuff that fills up landfills, or just lies around and makes a mess.
Back home, plastic grocery bags are not just given out, you have to pay for them. This has greatly reduced the amount of plastic litter lying around, and must certainly make people more aware of what they do with their bags. I am no fan of the plastic grocery bag - I'll go as far as to say, that I detest them .... they're so flimsy anyway. Nine times out of ten, they break before you even get them home. There is no substitute for a good, reusable grocery bag ..... hey, you get to choose your fabrics, your colors, your designs !!! Now, why wouldn't that be appealing :-)

I found this See & Sew pattern last week ........ definately my new favorite !!!

 It's quick and easy to put together, but my most favorite part ....... it folds up to the size of a little notebook. Perfect to pop in your bag, without taking up too much space. See for yourself ...

All they require is a yard of fabric, and a pack of binding,  three inches of velcro, and an hour or so of your time. Such a great way to use up those pieces of fabric that you bought way back when, but now have absolutely no clue, what you were going to make with them ..... let's be honest, we all have some of those in our stashes.

As you can see, I joined the handles in two different orientations, to see whether I prefered one over the other ..... the verdict - I like them both equally. These bags are roomy !!! Both the bags above, are View A on the pattern ....... I'm guessing View B will be ginormous !!!

Can't believe the weekend is already over ...... It's been a HOT one here - the first time this summer, that we've crept over 100 deg F !!! We have a busy week ahead .... Richard heads off to a 10 day Scout Camp in Missouri ...... and we have a cold front coming through ..... 63 Deg F at night - never dreamt it was possible here in Texas in July :-)


  1. what great little to find the pattern! Do I dare?

  2. Pretty and practical! I wish I knew how to sew. I'm always forgetting a bag then end up stuffing it all in my purse or piling it in my arms. =]