Friday, December 13, 2013


What would Christmas be, without the opportunity to put on that apron, pull out a cookie recipe or two, and bake? Christmas Cookie baking, ranks right up there, as one of my favorite Christmas activities. I bake tons, all through the year, but Christmas Cookies are - well - just special !!!

Our Middle School PTA hosts a Staff Cookie Exchange each Christmas. Parent volunteers bake cookies of every shape, size and variety, and the staff members get to choose a dozen to take home to their families. It's a sweet idea, and a nice way for us to show our appreciation for all that these people do for our kids.

So yesterday was the day ..... flour flew, butter was beaten, and boy, was it fun. Both recipes I used were new to me, and both were extremely delicious !!!
First up ..... Decorated Sugar Cookies.
I used a recipe that called for 1/4 cup Almond Paste ....... Absolutely the best sugar cookies I've ever made !!! I kept it simple ...
This magazine cover was my inspiration ...... Simple, but gorgeous at the same time.
I had 3 different Christmas Tree cookie cutters. I used 3 different colored green icing colors, and I used white and red as my accent colors. The result ..... A Christmassy feast for the eyes ...

Such Christmassy perfection.

My second contribution - Peppermint Cookies .... Hmmm, how would I describe these .... quick, easy, no bake, and the closest thing I've ever tasted to Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies.
Even the non bakers amongst us could make these, they're THAT easy.
Here's what you do ..... Melt Andes Mint baking chips, Drop Ritz Crackers into the melted chocolate, and coat them. Place on a baking tray in the fridge for 10 minutes until the chocolate sets. Melt a little white chocolate, crush a peppermint candy cane or two. Drizzle white chocolate over cookies and sprinkle with crushed candy cane. Return cookies to the fridge for a few minutes to set again. Enjoy !!!! You see, I told you they were easy !!!

As the big day approaches, I will get a second opportunity to bake .... this time it'll be for us, and our neighbors. It's sure to be fun !!!


  1. those are GORGEOUS! We are still making our's...a few types at a time. I'm baking again TODAY!