Saturday, November 30, 2013


Once again it's been a while. All of my good intentions just seem to fall by the wayside at the moment.

I'm sure nobody needs reminding, that Christmas is just around the corner .... Closer than we even imagine !!! Today I finished up the Christmas gifts for my niece and nephew. Come Monday, they'll be wrapped and stamped, and on their way.

Now if you have a little man in your life, that you want to make something for, here is a sweet idea. It really didn't take me too long to put together either.
I found these little wooden cars in the Dollar Spot of Target about a year and a half ago. At the time my nephew was little more than a newborn, but I loved them, and knew that he'd eventually be big enough to enjoy them. Wow, how time flies, as that time has now arrived ...

I browsed the wonderful world of Google ..... Yes, and Pinterest too, for some ideas, as to what I could put with them. I came upon town after town of toy car playmats ...... Perfect !!!! I had most of what I needed on hand ... felt, and more felt. I did decide to use green wool felt (as opposed to acrylic craft felt) for my backing mat. I just preferred that it's more durable. After a spot of town planning, Forrest Town was born.
It has most of what you'd need in a town ... the have to haves and a spot for recreation. I elected to sew the pieces down, and not just glue them, as was suggested on some of the posts I read. I want this mat to be able to stand up to the antics of a nearly 3 year old "real" boy :-)
I figured he'd need a "garage" to keep all of his cars in, so I made a little drawstring bag. That way, tidy up time should be quick.
Good old duck cloth ..... tough and durable. A piece I had left over from another project.
To finish the mat off, I backed it with the same duck cloth, and bound all of the edges.
My sister and her family are soooo lucky - they're going home to spend Christmas with my folks and all of our family (yes, it is the green glow of jealousy you can see .... It'll just be the 4 of us, on our own again :-(  Hopefully this gift, will get lots of use. It's small and portable enough to be packed in a bag and pulled out when the little people want to play.

Time now, to pull out my knitting needles, and put the finishing touches to another one of the Christmas gifts I'm making.
Hoping you're Christmas Gift making is bumbling along at a steady pace ,,,,,, Remember, Christmas will be here before you know it :-)

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  1. Kerry you are so talented and Alex is going to love this. I am sorry that you won't be here for Christmas..will be sing them all down at Uvongo.... We will just be the five of us for Christmas too. Beautiful work. Love it.