Friday, June 29, 2012


There's been a whole lot of that going on in my kitchen of late. One of the best things about summer for me, is the abundance of fruit. I like to tuck some away, so that when we're deep in the gloominess of winter, and all you have to choose from is bananas and oranges, we have a little of summer's yuminess to indulge in.
Our Walmart had mangoes on sale for 25c each last weekend - that is a steal !!! Armed with 2 big bags filled with them, I scoured the web to find a mango jam recipe ..... after all Mr Smucker developed one, so there had to be one out there !!! Well there was, and I set about making some mango jam. YUM is all I have to say .... absolutely delicious !!!

Next up, on a trip to Tom Thumb, I found some plums on sale. I had planned to make plum jam last summer, but just never got around to it - time to rectify that. After much chopping, bubbling and stirring, I made 8 jars of delicious plummy goodness. Just look at that color ..... it makes me smile :-)

Next up I think is going to be some mint jelly. We love to eat it with roast lamb - Yummy !!!
Now, the best way to enjoy the fruits of your labor .... well, in my opinion, it has to be these ...

Freshly homebaked, warm out of the oven scones. Served on my pretty china ... Ahhh Bliss !!!


  1. oh my gosh, that all looks amazing. We went blueberry picking yesterday so I'm making a bog today...yum!

  2. You've been busy! It looks delicious!