Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We had one this year - Boy Child graduated from Elementary School. While this is no big deal really, and in our case, the Middle School he will be going to is only across the field from the Elementary School, these are still milestones in the lives of my children, and I feel very strongly, that they need to be celebrated, remembered .... and scrapbooked about.
Boy Child on his last day of Elementary School.

 I made Girl Child an amigurumi owl, complete with grauation cap when she graduated Elementary 2 years ago. Now, Boy Child had long admired the monsters I knit ...... Sad but true, I have knitted many of those monsters, but none of them have ever been for my own children :-( Well, I rectified that ..... please meet, The Graduate !!!!
Cute, isn't he. He has the cutest little top knot under that graduation cap. I left off his mouth, as Boy Child finds some of the mouths on his soft toys a little scary. It works though, as the flecked colors in the yarn, make him look like he has a little smile on his face:-)

We've had a lovely, lazy summer so far. The Texas heat has returned, but so far we're managing to keep out of it. Hope you're enjoying your summer, wherever you may be.


  1. congrats! I'm glad you made him his own little monster.......and are enjoying your summer together.

  2. Belated congratulations to your son! You must have been so proud of him. The graduate monster is adorable. I love these little monsters!