Monday, August 1, 2011


We took a little trip last week, to Missouri. As many of you know, we've only lived in the US for 6 years, and haven't seen too much of this big country. Missouri, was a first for us, and we had a great time.

Before we set off, I had a mermaid themed package that I needed to send off. I included one of my pincushions .... I love making them. It always amazes me just how different each one looks when it's done.

I named this queen of the sea, Marina:-D
I also made this little tree ornament to go with the package .... so very cute.

I have used this method of making little people so often .... It's easy and so adaptable. I use a wooden bead for the head, and pipecleaners to shape the body. I then dress them in felt, to make them look like the creation I want them to be - the only limit is your imagination!!!
Thank you for stopping by. Hope your summer is going well .... here in Texas it's miserable. Today was our 30 something consecutive day of triple digit temperatures (110 deg F today!!!), and we haven't seen a drop of rain in nearly 2 months!!! Roll on winter!!!


  1. I'm the lucky recipient of this amazing mermaid package! I LOVE it! The pincushion is fabulous and the mermaid ornament looks so cute hanging on my tree. Not only did you send amazing mermaid goodies to me but you included goodies for my daughter too. Thank you Kerry!
    I hope cooler weather heads your way 110 is hot!

  2. sweet mermaids! I agree with your sentiment.....can't get cool fast enough for me!