Friday, August 19, 2011


Hello bloggy friends, It's been a while. Sometimes, we all just need to take a break - August has been one of those times for me. However, the kids head back to school on Monday, so we'll be getting back to some type of routine around here.
Let me give you a quick pictorial summary of what we've been up to, before I share with you, a creation, that I'm rather proud of.

We celebrated Girl Childs 13th birthday ..... I can't believe she's a teenager already!!! Where have the years gone!!!

We attended a Back To School Bash for our school, at a local waterpark ... great way to beat the Texas heat.

The boys did a spot of EARLY morning fishing ... any later in the day, and the fish go into hiding.

We doned our skates, and took to the roller rink for a bit of roller skating.

And we visited a new aquarium that has just opened.
It's been a fun summer, albeit, a VERY hot one.
Now on to all things crafty .... Girl Child and I took part in a Panda Swap. It took me a while to decide on what to make. I've always wanted to give quilting a try ... I've done a little, but never any that required putting little bits of patterned fabric together ... so what better time to give it a try!!! The result, this table runner, of which I am very proud.

I found the pattern for this applique block on I think that it all sewn and quilted looks really cute. For the backing fabric, I used the same green fabric that I used for the grass. It was a lot easier to make than I thought it would be. I also added this to the swap package ...

I never tire of making these pincushions .... each one is so different. This is Mau Ling ..... half the fun for me is deciding on a name for the creature that gives the pin cushion its personality.
Wow, this has turned out to be a lengthy post!!!
Enjoy your weekends, and if your kids head back to school next week .... Happy School Year


  1. Happy Birthday to your girl child. My daughter loved the picture of the cake and commented that your daughter is beautiful.
    The table runner and the pincushion are brilliant! You are so talented!
    Looks like you and the kids have found some time to have fun this summer!I go back to school on Wednesday. Hard to believe that summer is over already, where did the time go?

  2. Hi there, It has been fun for me to visit your blog again and see your family pictures and especially your pin cushion creations. The mermaid one is amazing!