Friday, June 24, 2011


It's been a quiet blog week or 2 for me - not that I haven't got goodies to show you, but they've all been gifts, so I've had to wait until the recipient has recieved them, so as not to spoil the suprise.

As we all know, last Sunday was Fathers Day. The kids and I decided that Dad needed his very own grilling apron. We grill so often in summer (it's our way of keeping the kitchen cooler!!!), and he is the grill chef. I made it out of some denim (so much more practical for wear and tear, and I has it in my stash). I added webbing at the waist, which I attached a clip to. Hubby always needs somewhere to wipe his hands .... many of my "inside" dishtowels have met their demise at the hands of charcoal dust or marinade !!! Not anymore - I cut some dollar store dishtowels in half, hemmed the cut edge, and attached a loop. This clips onto the clip at the waist, and there you have it, a dishtowel close at hand. The best part - when they get too grubby, and can no longer be washed clean, they can be cheaply replaced. He liked his apron, and wore it very proudly when delivering a peach crumble to our neighbors earlier today. His little sidekick (aka Boychild), is learning some good grilling skills ... I'm thinking a grilling apron for him too, may be in order soon:-D
Hope y'all had a memorable Father Day.


  1. What a great gift! I find it hard to craft for my husband and am always on the lookout for ideas. I love the dish towel idea.

  2. how did I miss this post? I love this...great apron!