Saturday, June 4, 2011


They're all the craze right now .... at least they are here, down in the deep south!!!
Today a good friend of ours daughter is having her birthday parties, and her mom asked if I'd make cake pops for the parties - Elmo and cows to be precise.
Enter the queen of cake pops, Bakerella :-D
Thank goodness for her blog and that wonderful book she published not so long ago. Her instructions are both precise and easy to follow.
Here they are, 3 dozen cows, and 3 dozen Elmos.

I wanted a fun way to display them, especially as these will take the place of a traditional birthday cake. To construct the boxes, I used cake boards, that I cut to size and then glued together. I poped a piece of styrofoam inside the box (to stick the sticks into), that I covered with shredded paper. Elmo was made by covering part of a round cake board with felt and adding his features, while I used wooden cutouts from the craft store for the cow box. I made her name sign using some of my scrapbook stuff.
Here are a few things I learned while making them, just in case anyone wants to give them a go ....
They are VERY labor intensive, so you really need to plan ahead and allow plenty of time to get them done.
I am not a big fan of Make and Mold brand wafers that you buy at Hobby Lobby ... when melted, it is REALLY thick. Wiltons worked a little better. I see that there are some crystals that you can buy, that you add to the wafers which thins them, and makes coating the cake balls easier - I will get some of those next time.
They are really high up there on the cute scale ....
As long as the birthday girl loves them, that's all that matters and all the hard work was well worth it:-D


  1. WOW!!! These turned out great! They look amazing! The pops are cute but the way you've displayed them just makes them look amazing! Wow!
    I'm sure the birthday girl loved them. I do!

  2. how precious! These are sooooo cute....I bet it was hard work though!