Monday, January 24, 2011


Now that we're a few months into these cold, grey skies ....... It's getting kind of tiresome!!!!
I've had a number of almost completed projects that I just haven't had the inclination to finish ..... that was until this weekend - yay, my craft mojo is back:-)

Here are some goodies I've knitted recently, both are gifts. The brown set is going to my cousin as a valentines gift .... shhh, I think I'm safe - I don't think she even knows I have this little blog. She's leaving the USA permanently in April, to persue her first real job. Where she is going, is cold ALL year round, so these should come in handy. I'm going to miss her - she's the only family we have here, and one of my best friends.
The silvery/grey neckwarmer is also a gift - it's recipient shall remain anonymous. The yarn has a shiny thread that runs through it ... so pretty. I found the yarn at Joann's at Christmas. It was one of their Holiday yarns. Now that I see how pretty it is knitted up, I wish I'd got another couple of balls ... oh well, there's always next Christmas:-)
On a proud mom note - Girl Child modelled these for me. I look at these pictures (which I love), and realise just how proud she makes me .... she's growing into a gorgeous, kind hearted young lady:-) I love you Brit!!!
Thanks for popping in, I promise the next break wont be so long ..... after all the mojo is back:-)


  1. both cowls and daughter are gorgeous!!!!

  2. Your daughter is beautiful!!! The neck warmer and hat a pretty too!