Sunday, November 28, 2010


This little guy!!!

Remember in my last post, I mentioned that I'd been playing around with paper clay - well this frosty snowman is the result. The paper clay was easy to work with and adhered really well to the styrofoam balls. It did take longer to dry than the label said, but once dry it is rock hard.I painted him, glittered him, varnished him (to stop the glitter falling off!!!), and finally I dressed him with a fluffy neck warmer, some bling, and a top hat:-)

I really like the way he turned out. Boy child asked if I'd make 4 (this one is a gift), so that we could each decorate one as one of our Advent activities this year - that way we could have a snow family!!! I like the idea, and will be getting to them soon.

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful - ours certainly was. Christmas crafting and gift making is in full swing now..... I need to get the kids Advent calendars done - 2 days left, and counting!!!


  1. I can't believe this cute ornament. I am just getting ready to do up some similar ones with paper clay too. I will post them if I get to it. There is so much crafting I need to get done, I dind of got myself into a pickle with it all.

  2. This turned out great. I've never worked with paper clay before.

  3. EKKKKKKK! He is PERFECTION! And looks like a confection! hahahaha!

  4. Did you gesso the styrofoam before applying the Paper Clay? He's so cute!