Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I just haven't posted about it.
I bought a new camera with a giftcard I won, and until 10 minutes ago hadn't worked out how to download the pictures onto the computer ..... problem solved however, I've done it:-)

I made my deer ornaments for Novembers leg of our YOE Swap - I wont share those just yet though, as I haven't had confirmation that my partner has recieved her package yet. This year long swap wraps up next month - the time sure has flown!!! It's been a wonderful swap and I've "met" some great ladies. The cherry on the top - I have a whole lot of handmade, enchanted ornaments that will grace an enchanted tree - it's going to be beautiful!!!

Every enchanted tree needs an enchanted tree skirt - well that's my thought anyway. So here it is.... It came together as I worked on it, no definate plan in mind when I started it .......... I love it!!!

All of the images (besides the owl) I either drew or got from kids coloring books. The owl is an adaption of the scissor keep I've posted about before.

Next .... an apron for a friends birthday. I love this pattern - quick, easy and very cocktailish!!!
Her birthday also marks the beginning of Key Lime Bark making season for me - she loves it, so I always try to include some in her birthday gift. It gets included in every candy and cookie tin I give out over Christmas ........ so yummy!!!

I played with some styrofoam balls and paper clay today ..... that was so much fun!!! It's now drying, so hopefully within the next few days I can show you the results of that little adventure!!!

To all our American friends - Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


  1. okay, need the receipe for key lime bark...did I miss it?

  2. The apron is gorgeous and I love your tree skirt. I really wished I had done the YOE swap you all seem like you've had a great time!

  3. Oh Kerry, I did not realize that you had made this wonderful tree skirt. It is so cute and the apron on here is really wonderful. I just finished two aprons today for my twin daughter's birthday presents. They just had their birthday, and are 26 years old. I will have to post them later too.