Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Hello again ..... two posts in two days .... I'd say things are looking up at the moment :-)

Type "Cloth Dolls" into the search box on your computer ..... you'll be transported to a place of such creative talent !!! There are hundreds, if not thousands of cloth dolls out there .... and Oh My Goodness, so many of them are drool worthy !!!!

Needless to say, the bug bit me, and I had to  ..... just HAD to ..... make some. I raided my stash (these are great projects to use up all of those little scrappy bits on) ... fabric, buttons, lace, ribbons and even my scrapbooking inks, paints and jewelery making waxed threads .... anything was fair game.
I was particularly taken by some dolls I'd seen on Pinterest, that, to quote a friend of mine, "were so ugly, they were adorable" .... I couldn't have agreed more. All primitive looking (a little zombie .. ish to be honest :-)

I coffee stained my main fabric, and free hand drew out some pattern shapes that I liked.
Saturday morning, I jumped out of bed and tip toed to "my office", while the rest of my family were still in dreamland. I popped a Queen CD into the CD player (I'm well aware I've just aged myself :-), Made myself a mug of coffee, and let my creative side run wild ....... It was total, complete, absolute bliss!!!!

See what I mean so ugly, they're adorable !!!!
I winged my way through both of them ...... sewed where I wanted to sew ..... painted where I wanted to paint ..... it was honestly creative carte blanche !!! I'd recommend it to anyone ..... no rules creating ... It sent my creative mind into overdrive !!!

Boy, do I adore him !!!! He was Brits favorite :-)

And her too !!!

I sent them off to two of my sweetest bloggy friends ever ... Girls who have the same need to create that I do :-)

I have drawn out more shapes that I'd love to try .... Oh My a family of Ugly Adorables ... I can hardly wait !!!!

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  1. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I adore mine! Thank you so much for her......maybe THIS should be our next