Saturday, January 17, 2015

OLAF .......

The Frozen frenzy seems to still be in full swing ...... Well it certainly is if you're 6 years old !!!!

My little niece has just turned 6 .......

Here she is, the little cutie pie. This is an old photo (from Summer 2013), when we stopped in London for the day en route home, so she has grown a whole lot since. It is the most recent photo I have of her though ....... BAD Aunty award for me !!!!

Being an Aunt is honestly one of my most favorite things .... I can't explain why, it just is :-) I'm lucky enough to have 3 nephews and 1 niece.

Over Christmas, I got THE absolute cutest voice message from her (I've got it stored on my phone, and I listen to it occasionally), telling me, she has learned to knit (Granny taught her), and she's busy making a scarf, and doing a mighty fine job of it too. My task, when next I'm with her, is to teach her to sew !!!

I thought it would be cute for her to have a special bag, to carry her knitting around in. So ..... this is what I came up with ....

I did one of my freezer paper stencil tote bags. I found a picture on the web, and used that as my jumping off point. I used fabric paint to do his mouth, nose and stick arms and hair. The design is outlined with embroidery. Those googly eyes were just perfect to finish him off !!!
I couldn't find snowflake buttons, so settled on stars instead, which I think I now prefer.

I found some really cute Olaf fabric at Joanns, which I used to line the bag ... I was so excited at how well the blue of the fabric and the two blue spray paints I used for the front matched .... Winner !!!

I made her this shaker card (my new favorite card to make), to go with her bag and other goodies I'm sending (all Frozen themed of course).

I filled the shaker box with the number 6 and some sequins ....... every girl needs a little sparkle !!!!
The cupcake is one I made from a mold, using sculpey.

Happy 6th  Birthday Jess .... We love you to the moon and back !!!!

On a side note (and a delicious one at that), my friend Val has started a recipe series. Once a week she's posting a recipe ... not just any old recipe, but one with a history. Hop on over to her blog to read the background to this idea .... It's so sweet -  you won't be disappointed. My goal, is to make each of these recipes ...... Her first recipe was for PECAN TASSIES ... they were outstanding. I've tried many varieties of this recipe, but this one wins hands down for me ...... I personally think it's all to do with the pastry/dough you make :-)

They were a breeze to make too. So ..... pop on your apron, start heating that oven, and get baking !!!!


  1. I am considerably older than your niece, but the Frozen frenzy is in full swing for me, too. Guess how LOVED your post?! :)

    Your niece has the most lovely bag ever -- she is surely wild about it. You are definitely the best aunt ever!


  2. oh man, that tote is super cute. I love Olaf!