Sunday, November 30, 2014


.... and the first thing completed on my Christmas "To Do" list, are these Christmas cards, which will be on their way to my In Laws tomorrow.
I did 5 of each card.

When I went in search of goodies to use on the cards this year, I was really spoilt for choice ...... so many cute, ready made embellishments, at great prices. I got all of mine at Hobby Lobby, who seem to have had all of their Christmas craft goodies marked 50% off for weeks now. The trees, penguins, and snowflakes are all stickers. I did add the bling to the center of each snowflake for a little pizzazz !!!
All of the ideas were found on Pinterest ...... I'm a firm believer in not recreating the wheel, if I don't have too :-)

I have a few other Christmas gifts under way ....... Top Secret Stuff, you know !!!!

Ill be busy this week, preparing for our Community Craft Bazaar, which is next Sunday .... fingers crossed for this one :-)

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  1. cute cards. I have zero patience for paper crafts so I totally appreciate how much effort you put into them!