Wednesday, October 24, 2012


It's come and gone for another year ..... how I love our annual visit to the fair !!! My hubby hates the crowds so never comes with us. We normally grab some friends, and make a day of it. There's just something about the smell, and the atmosphere, that makes it a special place. It's the only time I ever eat a corndog ....... A Fleishman's Corny Dog, with lashings of mustard and ketchup ....... Oh so yummy !!!!

I entered some goodies into the Creative Arts Division of the Fair this year - I was very chuffed with the results:-) Let me share with you .....

 First up, the apron I entered ...... I won 1st Place.
 Next up, the little girls dress (actually, it's going to double as my nieces Christmas gift .... just need to make the matching bag) ..... I won 3rd Place.
 I also entered a knitted monster, into the knitted toy from a pattern category ..... I won 2nd Place.

I entered 4 jams/jelly's into the food section this year. The peach and plum jam didn't place, but my mango jam and mint jelly both won an Honorable Mention.
It's so much fun seeing your items on display among all of the lovely items ............... there really are many, many talented people around !!!

So, who is this chap you may ask ...... Well, he is Big Tex. He has welcomed fair goers to the fair for the past 60 years. He is HUGE !!! I took this photo when I was there last Wednesday, and I'm glad I did, because on Friday, he burned down !!! An electrical fault inside him caused it. It was quite sad really - the icon he was. However, he will be back next year .............. looking a whole lot younger I'd imagine, as they will be rebuilding him before The Great State Fair Of Texas, opens it's gates once again for the 2013 Fair.


  1. yea for you!!!!!!!!!!!! boo-hoo for Big Tex :-(

  2. Oh I so enjoyed this post. We live in the town that hosts the Clark County Fair. We live in the county with Las Vegas Nevada in it, and I know what those fair smells are like. I am pretty sure our county fair is bigger than most, because our proximity to Las Vegas and the size of our county. I have been involved with the juried arts for many years. I use to be over the Creative Arts, and one year had the whole fine arts building with all the juried arts. Now I just do judging every year. I have also entered before, and it is quite exciting to see those blue ribbons hanging on your items. Thanks for sharing this fun post about the big fair in Texas! love ya

  3. Terry- congrats on your awards for your entries! The apron and knitted monster are amazing! And I'd love to taste your jams and jellies-- I'm a jam and jelly lover too!!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous willingness to make donations for my Pink Scarf project. I simply love you for this. Your gift will touch a life in such a special way. I can't wait to share the photo of your gift and link to your blog.

    Thank you my friend--