Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WELCOME 2012 ....


I hope it is the year that all your dreams come true.

I am not a big New Year person - while I like the idea of a fresh start, something about it causes me a fair amount of anxiety. It's one of those things that happened after we left South Africa and our families behind, and moved to the US. I guess 7 years of uncertainty, insecurity and feeling like you don't belong, can do that to you. However, it's here now, and I plan on trying to make it a fantastic year!!!!

I'm popping in to show you the progress I've made on my Blooming Flower Cushion!!!! Sadly the yarn didn't arrive in time for me to finish it and have it wrapped and under the tree. In a way, I'm a little glad about that, as it's meant that I can enjoy making it. The pattern is one of Lucy's (Attic 24). She writes such fantastic tutorials, she has a real talent ..... not to mention that her work is just gorgeous. I did struggle with the first few rounds of this cushion - why I don't know, because the directions are so clear. Once I got the hang of it though, round and round I've gone creating row upon row of beautiful petals .... ahh, floral perfection!!!

Isn't it pretty? It is for Girl Child, and I've chosen colors that work well with her new bed linen. I still have a few more rounds to go .... it's got to grow to 14 inches across, and then of course there's all those loose ends to sew in.

There's some other floral goodness in our house too. Once the little table top Christmas tree was relegated to the garden for planting, I could once again fill my pretty, little thrift shop jug with some gorgeous flowers ..... Ahhh, I just love these. They make me smile.

The only resolution I've made this year, given that very seldom do they ever get kept, is to try and be better about staying on top of all things housework!!! As I've mentioned before, I have never been top of the class when it comes to this, as much as I wish I was .... perhaps this will be the year:-)

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  1. oh I love attic 24 too. Your cushion is going to be just gorgeous.....yummy colors.
    I didn't make any resolutions this year. hmmmmm...I wonder what that says about me?!